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Stretch Squares Pop-Up
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Xpressions SNAP Displays, LED, Fabric

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Stretch Pop-up - Single 1x1 Square - Print only Stretch Pop-up 1x1
: $280.00
: $450.00
Eye-popping and durable stretch fabric squares with full colour dye-sublimation and button hole corners.
Stretch Pop-up - Single 2x2 Diamond - Print only Stretch Pop-up - single 2x2 Squares - Print only
: $510.00
: $720.00
Stretch Pop-up 1x3 Stretch Pop-up 2x2 Diamond
: $1,100.00
: $1,200.00
Stretch Pop-up 2x2 Stretch Pop-up 2x3
: $1,400.00
: $1,600.00
Stretch Pop-up 1x3 double-sided 6 prints Stretch Pop-up Triangular Frame
: $1,700.00
: $1,900.00
Stretch Pop-up X Frame Stretch Pop-up 3x3
: $2,000.00
: $2,900.00
Stretch Pop-up Display
An endless variety of stretch fabric squares, diamonds and walls can really make your display POP!
Lightweight aluminum frame and shelving options make this display super unique and versatile.
Check out the various kits available.
Pop-up Display - Projector Squares
: $7,000.00
Stretch Fabric
Fabric8 Tension Fabric Displays are the ultimate in frame-graphic technology!

This system expands as ONE complete unit. Whatever you can imagine we can build.

The purpose of this image is to convey that there are virtually no limitations to how we can design the structure. The, of course we can apply graphics on either front, back, or both planes. In this example a huge projector screen is the focal point.

Create a stunning 3-dimensional display to increase your sales! Six frames, two planes for integrated graphics, and infinite configurations, offer you a playground to create dramatic effects with endless design possibilities! 3-D capability and fabric size options create a truly unique display and lasting impression.

The Fabric8's are truly unlike any display! Let your imagination take the reins and watch your sales soar! Your message deserves the best!

Configuration Pricing from $1488.88 to $8888.88 for amazing variations!

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